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November 2015
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Why is the written word still so popular?

This day and age is all about computers, cell phones, e-readers, tablets, and just digital all around. Yet written books still thrive and generate a substantial amount of
revenue, why? Well it’s simple and in this article I am going to show you.

A Beautiful BookwormScribes have been around for longer then time can be accurately depicted, in the oldest of days cavemen scribbled images on a wall, The
Egyptians carved hieroglyphics, and every king had a page writing his orders or thoughts. It’s simple really written word is powerful and can open the mind to more then the
eyes can. One of the key reasons taking a book and losing yourself is still chosen by many is imagination. You can seclude to yourself and lose yourself in a book transporting
you to a far away land with amazing creatures or people. Powers that image can achieve but never as powerful as the words strung together by an author.

Another is tradition, we as humans like certain comforts in life. One of those comforts is doing things in the same style as those before us, a kind of unity through ages in
many parts of our life. The written word will never fall because people love the sight of a bookshelf full of their favorite authors. Love that feeling of turning through the
next page. And love remembering the books we have read with other people and the memories that brings us.

E-readers are a wonderful invention, they really are. In recent years they have taken away the pain that comes with reading on the digital screen for to long. They have made
them lighter, and more compact. When you narrow it down however. The books you buy and read on there are all sold originally as written literature as actual books, even in that
digital format you are enjoying the written word as simple as you would a book. But even with that comparison comes difficulty, the battery cant die in your book. Court rooms
still show a perfect example of this. Most items written are kept in computers stored safe, yet they still type everything up and keep a hard copy from fear of that system
failing and them still needing a copy. An e-reader requires charging and internet in some instances. Your book is always right there and ready for you. So reason number three
we will list as reliability over technology.

Moving on I believe number four is a bond. The bond built between a writer and their fans. A bond tried and tested through time, want an example? Have you ever gone to a book
signing to meet your favorite author and get an autographed copy of the newest or favorite book by them? Bet whoever it was and wherever it was, it was a really long line. The
same can be shown jut in a new release, I know I’ve never been to a midnight release at the book store and not had to wait in line for over an hour to pick up the next
instalment of any book I was into at the time.

Now finally and quite possibly the most important point yet. Videos, games, movies, music, and any other platform you can think of in this department be it for education,
entertainment, or just a relaxed way to kill some time. All have their own purpose, and their own power, but all of them wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the written word.
Every one of them needs a script. An idea transformed in a way where others can read, understand, and work with it. No matter your source of input, all of them have to have a
scriptwriter to achieve their final outcome. Everything we love and enjoy, was an idea in someone’s head, that they then wrote down to help understand.

So no matter the age we live in, no matter what source of entertainment, what source of work, or what source of education we search for. We are all fans of the written words,
we see it every day of our lives no matter what. Despite all the advancements time and science may make I don’t believe the written word will ever truly lose its power, or
purpose. That which was here at the beginning, shall accompany us until the end.

chinese zodiac writingWhen looking at Chinese horoscopes it can be easy to see the attraction to western astrology fans. Steeped in mysticism and based on a completely different system than western astrology, Chinese horoscopes can give you a different look into the future.

Based upon a year system rather than months the Chinese zodiac is tied to the lunar phases. Each new year in the zodiac begins when the lunar new year happens. This means that the basis for this zodiac is the moon rather than the stars. This is the start of the differences that appeal to people seeking their future in astrology.

Each year is assigned an animal in a 12 year cycle. These animals are the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, rat, ox, tiger, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Based upon the date of your birth you are said to be one of these animals.

Because these animals all have positive qualities it is easy for them to appeal to the masses. Instead of being a star sign that most people have no idea about with Chinese astrology you can say you are a dragon. This ability for most people to relate makes Chinese astrology more approachable than western astrology.

In addition to the 15 year cycle of animals there is also a cycle based on the elements. In Chinese astrology the elements are known as metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. These 5 elements cycle along with the animals making for a 60 year series of signs.

Each year a different animal and element cycle is assigned to the people born. For example someone born in the year of the dragon might be a metal dragon. Based upon these assigned categories Chinese astrologists can begin to make predictions.

Each animal and each element have different assumed qualities. These qualities combined are supposed to make up your personality and influence your decisions. In this way a water dragon would make different choices from a fire dragon.

Using these categories you can find your Chinese horoscope. Furthermore other circumstances of your birth may give you more in depth information. This division means that even if you are born 12 years apart from your sibling your path in life will be different according to the zodiac.

These simple rules make it easy to determine your categorization in the Chinese zodiac. In comparison each person in western astrology must check their birth date against a star chart and then find a sign that lasts for only one moon cycle. This means that western astrology is often less approachable.

The year cycles in the Chinese zodiac also mean there is less room for error. If you can find the date for the lunar new year you can find what zodiac sign you are supposed to be. Often this will be listed in the very book or paper in which you are looking for your sign.

Chinese horoscopes are appealing the people in general because of their simplicity and approachability. Instead of seeming obscure and hard to understand Chinese astrology is simple and uses terms that are understandable in every day life. Adding the mystique of ancient Asia to this only makes it more appealing.

Example Online Chinese Horoscopes : George Tang’s Chinese Astrology Site

Photo by GanMed64

Celestial husband hunting with astrologyI have read an interesting published mystical article recently that claims it’s possible to find a potential husband through the use of Love Horoscopes.

Are you going to be able to meet someone that you can spend the rest of your life with? How will you know that you are picking out the best possible man for husband material? There are a lot of people that will have questions just like this each and every day. Whether you are making your way to see a psychic in person, you have one that you like to talk with over the phone or you are going on readings in your favorite publications or online, there are many different ways that you can actually use a horoscope to determine whether or not you have the best man in your life to be your husband.

Whether you really believe in astrology or not, there are even some major skeptics who have looked to the horoscopes to help them for finding answers to some of the toughest questions. You may have not yet met the person who you will be spending the rest of your life with or you just went on a date with someone who seemed to set off a lot of sparks. No matter what the situation might be, there are ways that we can read the horoscopes to help give us some insight into the most important questions that we will be faced for some of the most difficult life decisions.

Working with horoscopes will mean looking for meaningful connections between the universe and our lives as we know it. You can ask a variety of questions about career, love, health, future and much more. If you are looking for someone to be a good choice for a husband, you can start to read a little bit further into some of the information that your horoscope is telling you. If by chance you are still unsure, you can consult someone who is familiar with exactly how the horoscopes work to give you even further details on what you might be able to expect out of a life planned out with someone who you are currently interested in.

What you may not realize is that well over half of the different readings that are done over the phone with astrology specialists are centered around love. As a matter of fact, this is often the most common question that will be asked at the very beginning of a conversation with an astrologist. Most of these callers are women who are looking to find a valuable connection between what might be going on in her love life and what is actually mapped out in the stars.

Nothing is worse than finding out far too late that someone that we married is just not the right person for us. Before diving into marriage, it would be lovely if we had some definitive answers as to whether or not we are choosing the right man for husband material. Some women who get married and end up with their relationship in divorce will say that they wished that they had some more insight on what they could expect later on in life.

Depending on where you look for your answers, your horoscope could actually give you some valuable information on whether or not you are picking out the man of your dreams rather than simply going to the alter based upon lust and impulse. When you are able to find out more about your compatibility as well as how your astrological signs intertwine with one another, you are going to see that it might be a lot easier to know that you are coming up with the best possible decision on a partner.

Sports and BiographiesThe world of books is much different to what it was twenty years ago, or even ten years ago. However, certain books like sports biographies always seem to do well. In this article we will examine why sports biographies are still hot sellers.

One reason sports biographies sell well is that fans want to know about the controversies that their sports legends went through, and get the real story. For example, legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson has made a fortune writing about the inner happenings of his Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers title winning teams.

Jackson especially has sold many books chronicling his recent Lakers teams. In one book, he chronicled the Shaquille O’Neal feud with Kobe Bryant. In his recent book, he wrote about how difficult it was to coach Kobe Bryant because of the star’s maniacal ego. Fans of the Lakers jumped at the chance to buy the book to see Phil’s perspective on what caused the Lakers downfall.

Other controversies like steroid use in baseball will also be big sellers. It is fascinating to read about how baseball stars like Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Alex Rodriguez got away with using performance enhancing drugs for many years. Scandals such as these in sports will always lead to the biographies being popular.

Sports Biographies also are very inspirational for people to read. People enjoy seeing how a superstar football player like Lionel Messi got their start on the streets of Argentina. Reading the work ethic involved to be one of the best players in the world can be quite inspiring. Many people will take what they read in the sports biography, and pass those lessons on to their children.

Sports biographies are also filled with positive life lessons of hard work paying off. Fans love to see the exact workout routines, and practice routines that superstar athletes do to become amazing athletes. For example in sports biographies about Kobe Bryant, the author has written about how Kobe will be up at 3am to shoot baskets. Bryant would allegedly practice for over ten hours a day during the off-season.

Reading biographies such as Bryant’s allow us to try to explain the value of hard work and determination to our kids. Bryant didn’t get to where he is because he played video games on the couch. He put in tons of hard work, and the results followed.

Sporting biographies are also popular because you get insight into how sports athletes and coaches think. For example NFL coaching legend Bill Parcells co wrote his autobiography entitled Parcells: A Football Life. In the book Parcells explains what drives him to success, and how the NFL really works. People tend to love reading about no nonsense coaches who win, like Parcells or Tom Coughlin.

Sporing biographies also offer insight to the athletes personal lives. It is exciting to know what an athlete is doing away from their sport. For example, athletes such as baseball player Derek Jeter have been known for the stars he dates, as well as his remarkable on field accomplishments. It is compelling to see how a sports star handles a break up before the big game.

Sports biographies are always going to sell well because of the controversies, inspirational stories, and insight to the players personal lives. As long as sports continue to be popular, sports biographies will also continue to sell well.

Biographies involving sports figures are also a nice escape from everyday life. The life of a millionaire athlete, who competes at the highest levels, is more likely to be more interesting to read about then a historical figure from the 1920’s. Athletes often live fast just like rock stars do, and reading about that is entertaining.

Astrology is still being practiced today and some may still take the art seriously as there are still a few respected astrologers who are consulted about state affairs,
political issues and religious events. Some are still looked up to with respect when it comes to forecasts for the the coming new year. And religious cults are still ever
watchful of the ancient predictions and prophecies as to when the world will end.

Astrology ZodiacOf the historically known astrologers, Nostradamus stands out as the most revered practitioner following the fulfilment of some of his predictions in his time famous quatrains. But even Nostradamus fails sometimes like his predicted ban on Astrology that did not happen in 1607 as predicted, which reinforces the possibility that true predictions are merely coincidental after all. Perhaps the most valid Astrologers in the early days ever recorded are the three kings. If, these personages are historically true, then they can be considered as astrologers and their calculations were largely based on heavenly bodies. In fact, they relied too much on a shining star and trustingly followed it till they found the predicted messiah.

But astrologers of the past were not just simple fortune-tellers who went around reading people’s palms and telling them their fortune for a fee. Their role was much more significant and necessary. They were oftentimes employed in the service of kings and emperors as all-around advisers but most especially as military consultants. They were usually consulted when decisions to invade a country should proceed or not.

During the second world war, the role of the astrologer was indeed of utmost importance because the Fuehrer, Hitler himself was an avid believer of Astrology. Two persons prominently figured in this field namely Ernst Krafft and Louis de Wohl. Krafft was the military adviser of the German dictator while de Wohl was his counterpart in the Allied forces. The former however lost favor and was imprisoned while the latter went on to live a contented life in his old age.

Currently, however, astrologers no longer occupy a juicy position in government as military advisers or even in counties where kings still rule and this is because people no longer seem to take astrology seriously as in the past. Well, some are still sought for their opinions on future events and they interviewed on TV or published in the newspapers though they are consulted more for entertainment than for serious consideration.

But astrology is definitely not dead. It may have lost its popular place in society but out there, devoted followers are silently converging and forming astrological societies like the Rosicrucian Fellowship, USA, the American Federation of Astrologers, the Astrological Association of Great Britain and many others. In time, who knows, the Astrologer will again rise from the ashes and finally prove to the whole world that his role in the history of mankind is astronomically significant, after all.

If astrology interests you then you may like to visit this famous celtic astrology site for more information.

Don Quixote

There are many who still argue that this classic tale of a gentle knight and his faithful servant is one of the greatest novels ever penned. Though this novel is, indeed, a
class, some experts call it the first “modern” novel because of the way that it was crafted. The expression, “tilting at windmills,” comes for this novel and is still commonly
used. You can hardly go wrong by reading Don Quixote.

Pride and Prejudice

Even though some people say that Jane Austen’s Emma was better, it is hard to argue against Pride and Prejudice as a very popular choice for readers from the time it was penned
in the early 1800s until the current day.

The book is beloved, perhaps mostly by women and older teen girls, and it has certainly been made into plenty of movies that were based on the book. Some of those movies were
better than others, but most people say that the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice set the standard.

Both the humour and the serious side of this story resonate with contemporary readers because the emotions and the expectations of society that it reflects are timeless. Adding
Pride and Prejudice to your list cannot be a mistake.


The original Dracula is also another good choice, but either of these books will give you a lot of insight into the modern horror genre. You may find yourself reading these
classics with awe because you will realize where all of today’s horror memes and themes originally came from.

Of course, both are tales of monsters, but they are also tales about people. The classic question that both Frankenstein and Dracula poses is who is the real monster – is it
the monster or the people who react to the monster?

Start Reading Popular Classic Books

Of course, the best thing about popular classic books is that they are very good, so you should enjoy reading them. Another advantage to reading classic books is that the
copyright has expired, so you are free to enjoy free or very cheap copies.

There are websites with free e-book versions. If you prefer a physical book, you should be able to find the in libraries or used book stores. Either way, when you select a
classic and popular novel, you know that you will be getting a great value for your money.

c Elle Jasper 2014